Anna Maria Łuczak's films and sculptures embody the struggle of the emotional in understanding historical events. In recent works she explores possibilities of dialogue as a form of exchange. For her, conversation is a tool and a model for mutual set of conditions, whereby the usual roles of author and subject are shared and improvised. Meaning and form are constantly interchanged. Her research is driven by an interest in understanding past and how it is translated into present. As visual motifs she often works with archive video material and film, balancing on boarders between sculpture, literature, video and photography. In her installations the space between the individual works is just as important as the works themselves. Meaning is something fragmented which comes into being while the viewer moves through space.

Anna Maria Łuczak (b.1984, Łódź, Poland) studied in Willem de Kooning Academy (2005-09) and Piet Zwart Institute (2011-13). Lives and works in Rotterdam.
Recent exhibitions include: TENT Rotterdam, Villa Bernasconi Geneva, Kunstvlai Amsterdam Piknik Księży Młyn Łódź, Upominki Rotterdam, Three Artists Walk into a Bar Amsterdam, Obstruktionist Fribourg

- Anna Maria Luczak

- Baldvin Einarsson
- Juha Pekka Matias Laakkonen